Saturday, June 7, 2014

Claire Abbey, Ireland

We had landed only about an hour before in Shannon, Ireland and were greated by what I thought that typical Irish weather was - cold, rainy, windy.  Traveling to Doolan we could see the ruins of the Abbey from the main road but . . .how to get there.  The roads got narrower until we were on a one lane road and the only person around was an older man walking his dog.
I have a hard time asking people in other countries for things, expecting a look that says that I'm less than smart and am wasting their time.  But the man (as are most people that I meet) was  lovely and he directed us down the road and said that "the gate will be open."  We drove past the cows and parked next to the ruins, the only visitors on this morning.  
 Inside the ruins we could hear the cows and feel the wind and cold rain. 
 It always amazes me that when ruins like this are open to the general public and treated with the respect they deserve (no grafitti or litter).  
We paid our respects, took photos of the cows and went on to Ennis.

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