Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bringing the Past into the Present

When I was a child I would sit at my grandmother's kitchen table and draw plans to change her barn into a house of my own.  I knew where I wanted the kitchen.  Had an idea of making a study where the baby calves slept.  There was to be a baby grand in the main room in front of the kitchen and the bedrooms were one floor up.  I spent a lot of time and summer visits dreaming.

I love older homes derelict or not if they have character.  And this one was one of many that I took photos to dream about.

Repair the roof, put in new windows, paint the front door a sea blue.  Plant rhododendrons in front of the house and maybe put a stone wall around the back yard.  Small window boxes in the front windows.  The window in the left back would be large enough for a decent view from the kitchen and there would be a patio area out back for enjoyment of  a cup of tea.  A skylight over the front left room for light in the main room.  Possibly 2 bedrooms and bath on the right.  And a huge rhubarb patch.  We saw a few large patches.  Something that I did not expect.

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