Monday, December 2, 2013

Cochem, Germany - Christmas Market tour 2013

Cochem, Germany is one of those small towns that is the perfect place to use as a base to see Christmas markets in Western Germany and Luxembourg City. The train station is centrally located and offers easy access to other Christmas market towns (abt an hour or so train ride to many). It has a small town atmosphere, a nice promenade along the Mosel River and a beautiful castle that overlooks the area.
The market in Cochem is small but not as tiny as some articles on the internet would lead one to believe. There is a major tent with live (sometimes) music, a restaurant and some artisans selling their wares. On the outside of the tent were little huts with several vendors selling everything from candy, snacks and Christmas items or presents.
On the day I arrived I got some hot cocoa (unfortunately watered down a bit and with whipped cream that seemed to be lacking in sweetness) and a nutella crepe that was delicious.
I sat on a bench on the walkway by the Mosel River and drank up the scenery. It was slightly chilly and damp but the views of the boats going up and down the waterway and of people out for a stroll were so relaxing that I could shake off the travel stresses with ease. (why do airplanes oversell seats and then beg people to give away their seats so that others could make it to their destinations? If I wanted to give away my seat would I have made plans to go to Germany in the first place?) But anyway . . .
The manger scene was adorable.
The shop windows were adorable. And at 6 pm most of the market closed down and it was time for dinner and an early bed.

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