Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sunday Concert - Catholic Church of St. Martin, Cochem, Germany

As I walked past the church on a Sunday evening the bells were ringing wildly so I walked into the church to see what was happening. A concert featuring a violin, organ and an Alto was about to begin. For 10 Euro I was treated to marvelous music. The acoustics were perfect. The children that sat in front of me were not. I'm used to seeing older German ladies correct behaviors that they feel are not quite correct. Sitting down on church steps, parking where you aren't supposed to - naming a few (and only one of them I'm guilty of :-). So I waited for someone to tap the mother of the children to tell her to get her kids under control or take them out. It never happened. The mom tried to get the 4 year old girl to stop talking and the child just smiled sweetly and said "Nein." and she kept talking while coloring. The 8 year old boy was fine until near the end when he started teasing his sister. At the end of the concert he ran over to the prayer candles and started to play with them and matches! The older woman with them never said a word. I was shocked. But back to the music. The three played and/or sang Dvorak, Mozart, Corelli, Bach along with Handel's "O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion" The best however was the last song which was the hymn "Lobe den Herren" - Praise to the Lord, the Almighty. The congregation stood and sang. It was beautiful. A perfect ending.

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