Saturday, December 7, 2013

Travel Tips

Before I step on a plane to my destination I look for an online map of the terminal that I will be landing at. I want to know where the train station is, train ticket office location and ATM locations. The first time we went to Europe we got Euros from the bank and AAA. Now we have a few coins to tide us over when we land but I still like to have cash in my pocket. It keeps me from having to find an ATM when I get to my destination. It seems that most, if not all, of the train ticket machines in Germany have an English button to push. It used to be so much harder - trying to figure out your destination in a language that you may not know well. I used these machines some but for the initial visit and some others I went to the train ticket office at the airport or the one in the city I stayed in. Most ticket counter people speak good enough English. When I got to the train at the Frankfurt Airport I wasn't sure if I was headed out on the right train and which station I was getting off on. The ticket instructions, when put in use, were a bit vague and I was a little tired. So I approached an older couple and asked them if they spoke English (in German - do learn some key phrases for the country that you are going to). The husband spoke English and helped me with getting off at the right place.

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